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"OM" is an expressive acrylic painting on canvas, featuring the thoughtful use of metallic gold paint. This artwork presents a captivating depiction of a Bodhisattva, with half of the face gracefully occupying the canvas. The chosen color scheme radiates a blend of warmth, energy, confidence, excitement, reliability, peace, and happiness. The strategic use of gold throughout the piece further enhances these themes, symbolizing energy, optimism, wisdom, and confidence.

Created during a period of personal discovery and exploration into Buddhism and meditation, this painting reflects my journey into these profound practices. It encapsulates the feelings of freedom, lightness, protection, understanding, warmth, and acceptance of my true self, as I experienced them through this spiritual exploration.

"OM" stands as a meaningful reminder of the importance of meditation in finding oneself in moments of hardship and joy. It's a visual celebration of the transformative power of Buddhist philosophy and meditation, capturing the essence of the peace and self-awareness these practices foster.

Acrylic Paint on Canvas


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