About Aurea


Welcome to my space, where the canvas of personal growth meets the palette of professional artistry. I am Aurea Castro, the proud creator of this space who is a lifelong student of personal development, with nearly a decade of dedicated study and research to my name.

Armed with a BFA in Painting with studies in Art History, a certification in Entrepreneurship, and my certification as a Therapeutic Art Life Coach, my academic and personal explorations have been deeply intertwined with a mission to illuminate the path to mental wellness.

My advocacy for Mental Health Awareness and the practice of self-care is not merely professional; it's a lived experience, enriched by a decade of studying the nuances of personal growth. This knowledge infuses every piece of art and every workshop I conduct with depth and empathy.

As a Black businesswoman managing mental illness, I channel my multifaceted identity into a symphony of creative endeavors. Aurea's Space is where I share the melodies of my passions—my love for art, my engagement with DIY creativity, the literary journeys through blogs and resources, and the expansion of my world with each new skill I explore. Meditation, travel, love, and the joy of learning are harmonies that resonate throughout my life and work.

Here, every artwork, every therapeutic session, and every collaborative project is not just an offering but an echo of my journey, underscored by a decade of learning and self-discovery. Join me at Aurea's Space, where the art is heart-felt, growth is intentional, and where every connection we make enriches our shared experience of living vibrantly. Welcome, let's grow and thrive together in this transformative space.