Hair Me Out


This art exhibition celebrates the profound influence of black women's hair, encompassing its rich historical significance, the expertise of talented hairstylists, the diverse textures and colors that adorn it, and the boundless creativity it inspires. Our hair is a source of confidence, often sparking both conversations and controversies. It can grow voluminous, undergo endless transformations, or be intentionally cut short. Our hair represents a world of infinite possibilities.

Within the hair salon or the comfort of our own living rooms, our hair cultivates a sense of community and family. It forges deep connections through acts of care, love, patience, heartfelt conversations, and profound understanding. Our hair, at times, demands considerable time, expenses, and poses challenges, but it deserves all the appreciation and care we can give.

This exhibition serves as a space for sharing the diverse narratives and experiences surrounding our hair, fostering a sense of unity and growth within our community.